Writing Prompt: Day 27

27.jpgDay 27 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a plant with a unique ability.

Shannon: “Have you chosen which one you wanted yet,” the shop owner questioned, after sneaking up quietly behind me. He had wild white hair that he didn’t attempt to manage and circular glasses with such a strong prescription his eyes were magnified behind the lenses.

I looked back, “I like the one with the pink and blue leaves. I’ve never seen anything like it before, what’s it called?”

“Ahh,” he smiled as he moved next to me. He picked it up gently and placed it in front of me. “Good choice. It’s one of my own creations,” he took a hold of my hand so I would hold onto the pot as tightly as he demonstrated. “I call it a Galiko. I named it after a friend’s nickname. I wanted to give one to her, but she died before I could finish growing it.”

“I shouldn’t take this,” I shook my head. “It doesn’t mean as much to me.” I tried to give it back but he pushed my efforts back.

“I didn’t make it to keep it hidden. The petals can save someone’s life. You’re giving this to someone who is sick, correct?”

“How did you know,” I questioned, feeling like he’d read my mind.

“You’ve been in here for a while. You’ve been in her for almost an hour looking for the perfect gift. You must care about this person a lot.”

“She loves flowers. She’s the reason I love flowers. I just wanted to make her smile,” I shrugged, not sure if I was focusing my efforts on something useful or just trying to distract myself.

“I wasn’t lying when I said this flower could save a life. Make sure this never leaves your mom’s side. She will be okay,” he reassured.

“How did you know it’s my mother?”

“Come back when she’d healed, and I will show you.”

Erin: “I’m so thirsty,” Sparta screamed from her corner.

“Too bad, you shouldn’t have called me pathetic.” She was far too sassy for being stuck in her pot all day. When I got my peace lily the name is what I expected. Just a pretty plant I could look at to keep my mind at peace.

“I am trying to help you,” She reached one of her leaves out toward the water bottle on my coffee table.

“You’re mean,” I corrected.

“You spend too much time with me. You need to spent more time with other humans.”

I took the water and drank the rest of the contents, just to spite her. “You need to mind your own business.”

“My business is your business. I am here to give you advice.”

“Your advice is always crap.” My car keys flashed from the end table.

“How would you know, you never take it?”

“You’re just cranky, because you’re hungry.” I gave in, rewarding her crabbiness with water from a watering can.

“I love you,” she smiled up at me and life returned to her leaves. “Let others love you too.”

“I’m going,” I groaned grabbing my keys.

“Yay,” she giggled after the cheer.

“Not to meet people, to get away from you.”

“Getting you out is all wanted. Have fun!”

Give plants power!