Writing Prompt: Day 58

58.jpgDay 58 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character who has amnesia.

Shannon: “Amber,” a girl came up to me in shock. “I heard about your accident. Why didn’t you tell me?”

She might as well have been a stranger. Memory is a tricky thing. You don’t realize how much you’ve relied on this power you have never seen, never felt, and never genuinely thanked until it’s gone. Like a pyramid of cans, I’m quickly witnessing what happens when you pick from the bottom row first. Everything comes crashing down. “I’m so sorry, but I had memory loss after the accident. I don’t remember you. I actually can’t remember anyone I met in the last five years.”

“Oh wow,” she took a step back. “That would explain it. Are you ok?”

“I’m getting there,” I shrugged, “But it would be easier if I didn’t feel like I traveled to the future and woke up in a hospital bed. How do I know you,” I questioned, wanting to know who else knew me better than I knew myself.

“We were college roommates, we’ve been pretty close ever since. Well, until you disappeared,” she gave me a sad smirk. “My name is Kim.”

I’d seen her name in my phone a few times while I was in physical therapy. I tried so hard right away to gain everything back, but eventually had to give myself a break. It was draining. No one could seem to help. Not in a way that made it clear. It was only a fake fix. You can’t pass on memories. They don’t feel the same.

Erin: “Why do you keep acting like you have the hardest life in the world,” my brother asked asking to be slapped.

“I never said I had the hardest life, but my life has gotten harder,” I pointed out.

“Yeah right,” he cackled stealing the remote from me.

“What’s that supposed to mean. I’ve lost memories asshole. I’ve lost some of the best years of my life,” I stood up just about ready to strangle him.

“Lucky for you, I know what some of those best years entailed. The good and the bad. I’ll help you recapture the good without all of the tears,” he smiled.

“That’ll take time,” I reminded.

“Yes, it will, but it’ll be fun,” he smiled at his DVD collection. “We’ll start by watching your favorite movie for the,” he air-quoted, “first time.”

You remembered to write today, good for you. Write about someone forgetting.