Writing Prompt: Day 203

203.jpgDay 203 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character going somewhere late at night.

Erin: For my eighteenth birthday, my dad opened our water park up after dark. It was my favorite place and my favorite time. Going down the slides with only the stars and moon lighting the sky was a completely different experience. Water and darkness were my two biggest calming sources. Putting them together was the perfect present and a night I would never forget.

Shannon: Being outside late at night always puts me on edge. My senses heighten and I notice every sound, every movement, and it feels likes I’m in the wrong place. I’m my only defense and I’m not enough, not for all that’s awake at this time of night. Still I went to the woods. I wanted to be scared. I wanted to feel something else, and when you’re terrified that’s all you feel.

What is your character doing at that hour of the night?

Writing Prompt: Day 201

201.jpgDay 201 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a chase scene.

Erin: When my ex was on my tail to talk out our issues I reacted like any self-respecting adult would. I ran. This typically worked for me, but we were equal parts crazy as a couple as we were now. I started by running downtown and weaving through the crowed. I jutted down a side street when I thought I had lost him. I didn’t. I sprinted into the small forest trail which led to the river and in a moment of desperation I jumped in.

“Babe what are you doing this is crazy,” he followed me swimming to the other end by walking on the bridge.

“What am I doing?” I started treading and yelled up. “What were you doing? You’re the one who hurt me, you’re the one who made me crazy.”

“I’m sorry,” he yelled.

“I don’t care leave me to my swim,” I pointed him in the other direction. “Go ruin your other girls lives.”

Shannon: “Take it, I’ll distract them” Mark handed me drawstring bag and I immediately draped it over my shoulders. “Run, go,” he demanded with an aggressive shove as he ran in the other direction with the fake bag.

I weaved through the crowd, taking a look back to see if anyone was following. I caught a guy barreling through people with his eyes locked on me. I guess Mark’s plan wasn’t working as well as promised. I needed my next escape route.

I headed for the museum hoping to erase some tracks with a game of hide and seek before I’d have an easy escape out the back door.

Why is one of your character after another one?

Writing Prompt: Day 199

199.jpgDay 199 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write the beginning of a new princess story.

Erin: Everyone thinks being a princess is ball gowns and tiaras. Part of it is. That is until my mother, the queen, was given one year to live. Now my life is constantly stressing about how I will step up for our people.

Shannon: Once upon a time in a city you’ll never find on a map, there lived a group of people who were blessed with two gifts. They could fly with the wings on their backs, and turn invisible on the spot. Though they are rarely ever caught by the human eye, they do venture out from time to time, and sometimes get mistaken for angels. That was all they’d be known for until a young woman name Cora broke the divide.

Try to write your own version of a story that has been written plenty of times.

Writing Prompt: Day 197

197 (1).jpgDay 197 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character’s friends.

Erin: Many wondered why I was friends with Lax. I’m not going to pretend that they were completely off base. She could be a lot to handle. Honesty was her biggest strength, excessive honesty in most cases. The thing was she honestly loved me and criticisms rarely fell on me. But when they needed to they did. She made sure my pants looked good, and told me when I was being taken advantage of. She was my hard shell and without her I was a vulnerable pile of organs. We were better together and what others thought of me because of my choice seemed irrelevant to me.

Shannon: I’d known Emma since we were little kids. We had a dance class together and since we both had trouble learning the moves, we always ended up standing next to each other behind the better dancers. What she lacked in rhythm she made up for in humor. She could always make me laugh back then, and she’d only gotten funnier as she got older. Nothing was ever dull as long as she was around. I’d always admired how she saw the world as if she already knew everyone, getting strangers opinions on almost anything and starting conversations with them without a reason or an introduction. I wished everyone was more like her, but I suppose I should count my blessings having her as a best friend.

I met Mia through Emma when were high school. We had the same lunch period, and we meshed as a group almost instantly. She was known for her planning. Whether that was planning for her future or what we were going to do that weekend, she was always on top of it. She wanted to be a part of the excitement, and we were right there beside her, or at least we’d hear about it later.

Introduce your character’s partner in crime.

Writing Prompt: Day 195

195.jpgDay 195 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character watching an opportunity pass them by.

Erin: “We’re going to have a great spring break,” my best friend insisted.

“Yeah,” I agreed with the excitement of a kid getting driven to the dentist.

“We live right on a beautiful beach,” she reminded as we looked out to the sun setting over the ocean.

She was right. We were lucky. I just really wanted to go to abroad and study my language. It was the only way I was going to become as fluent as I needed to be to be a successful translator. I knew I would only be able to afford one trip though and I was putting that off till senior year. “Nowhere I would rather be,” I lied and the last light of the sun disappeared to the side of the world I was wishing to be.

Shannon: Stop freaking out. Stop freaking out, my mind was screaming at me as I hyperventilated in the bathroom stall. You didn’t wait in line for seven hours to go home without at least getting the judges’ opinions. Why was I panicking again, it was irrational? If they said “no” it didn’t mean I had to give up on my dream, it just meant it wasn’t the right time, or role, or whatever. I need to turn in my card before they skipped me, so I had to leave bathroom. Sometimes I had to think of it one step at a time to make myself move.

I barely managed the willpower to push the door, and once I was out I had to review the next step. Walk. I went up to the booth and handed over my card without a word.

The lady looked up sympathetically shaking her head, “I’m sorry, but we called your number and…”

“It’s fine,” I cut her off, snatching the piece of paper back, and headed for the exit. I had been in this position many times before, so I knew the drill, but I hated myself for always getting in my own way.

What chance is slipping out of your character’s hands?

Writing Prompt: Day 193

193.jpgDay 193 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a circus performer.

Erin: My favorite dance partner from a young age was Darcy. Darcy worked with my mother. She was born four years after I was. The second she learned how to walk I started to play with her and teaching her my movies. Building the trust and rhythm from a young age made us flow in our routine like water out of a fountain. By the time my mother realized I had chosen an elephant partner we were too good for her to argue we were unsafe. As I grew older I convinced her to let us join the circus. Darcy and I were a hit of the show between our trunk tricks and risky leg weaving stunts.

Shannon: The only place I ever truly belonged was above the ground. Dancing with silk ropes, curling myself around an aerial ring, or swinging from a trapeze, I take any excuse I could find to stay above the world a second longer.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,” I heard a voice call up to me as I was siting in an aerial ring. I looked down, and soon discovered it was a guy around my age in a clown costume, but no makeup. I’d never seen his real face under the mask, and he was actually kind of cute. Our paths had yet to cross on this tour, but I’d seen his act and I was impressed by how much the children loved him.

“Clowns aren’t safe this high up. I suggest you keep feet on the ground.” I teased.

He crossed his arms. “I’ll prove you wrong,” he pointed up. “I’m going to be up there someday. You wait and see.” The smile he gave after was contagious, but I still shook my head.

What is your your characters act?

Writing Prompt: Day 191

191 (1).jpgDay 191 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Someone predicts a character’s future.

Erin: “Hello my dear,” the palm reader immediately grabbed my hand.

“Hello,” I echoed. “I’m here because…”

“Don’t tell me with your mouth, tell me with these,” she smiled at my palms.

“Okay,” I obliged mentally zipping my mouth shut.

“I see you are in love.” She smiled up at me and I tried not to give away anything with my face. “But you are questioning your heart. Don’t fall into societies expectations my dear. Just because the brain is what we test, it does not mean it is any wiser than the pull of your heart. Don’t fight instincts.”

“That advice is helpful,” I stood up feeling our minute was up, or about to be.

“I’m glad, good luck with your love.”

I was thinking for some time she was a complete sham, but that sentence changed my mind. I had no romantic prospects, but I did have a love. I had my passion and my dream and a job that I could see being the rest of my working career. For a person like me that may have been the most important love of all. “I think we’ll be just fine.”

Shannon: “Why are you looking at me like that?” my boyfriend questioned, catching me staring longer than usual.

I looked away and scanned the rest of the museum again. “Are you sure we’ve never been here before?”

He shook his head. “It’s a new exhibit.”

“But I dreamed about this exact room. I saw all of these painting,” I explained, feeling like a crazy person. “How is that possible?”

“Did you look up the museum online?”

I thought for a second if I had ever accidently stumbled upon it. “No.”

“Maybe,” he was hesitant, “you saw the future?” He shrugged. “And, play along with me, let’s say you did. What happens next?”

“You find something under…” I paused, feeling the same way I did in the dream. The odd case he found under a statue’s foot made me feel uneasy, like I was seeing a different side of him, a darker side.

“Under what,” he pressed, a little too eager.

“Under one of those rocks outside the building,” I lied to see how he would react.

He tried to hold back his excitement, but I saw the slight smirk before it disappeared from his face.

You are not the only one who knows what the future of your character’s holds.